Top 13 Challenges Popular on YouTube

Popular YouTubers’ bread and butter were challenging, and there were plenty of reasons behind that. The majority of these challenges benefit aspiring content creators since they…

1. Are simple to follow.

2. Allow other YouTubers to collaborate with you.

3. Draw a lot of attention to yourself

The last one is the most appealing because it appears to be what young people are interested in right now. Even people who would never do challenge videos do it because fans demand it, and challenges are devised as a result. But which tasks are the most popular, well-known, and enjoyable to complete? Continue reading to find out.

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The Most Popular YouTube Video Challenges

1. Last to Leave

Last Youtuber To Leave Wins $100,000 - Challenge - YouTube

These challenges, popularized recently by MrBeast, put your endurance and patience to the test to be the last one standing. Alternatives include the last person to leave the circle, the last person to release go of an object, the last person to let go of a button, and so on. It usually takes place in a limited space where a group of individuals is forced to stay in one place for as long as possible.

Make a circle border around you or use an object that people must grip or press on. MrBeast had an app where users had to hit a button and hold it for as long as they could; the one who held it the longest received a $100,000 prize.

The winner is the last person to release go or stay in the circle, and the winner is usually given a prize. This is an endurance test, but you can make it more interesting by including loops to make it more difficult for the players to stay in one position. The ultimate goal is to win a reward by defeating everyone else.

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2. The Challenge of the Ghost Pepper

L.A. Beast bhut jolokia / ghost chili peppers challenge - Guinness World  Records - YouTube

This is a difficult, albeit deadly, challenge that involves consuming the famed ghost pepper, or in extreme situations, the Carolina Reaper, to test how long you can withstand the heat. The objective is straightforward.

The way you play changes, but the end outcome will put your endurance to the test with a taste test of one of the world’s hottest peppers. Normally, players will only have to eat a ghost pepper if they lose a game, but you may skip ahead and start eating these hot morsels right away.

The one who does not cry or scream in pain due to the heat is the “winner.” In some cases, the person who can last the longest or eat the most ghost peppers is the winner.

The ghost pepper, also known as “Bhut jolokia,” has a Scoville heat level of nearly one million, making it hundreds of times hotter than Tabasco sauce. If you’re even remotely sensitive to spicy foods, don’t do this challenge because it could be dangerous to your health.

3. The Disney Challenge

What is the Disney challenge, and what does it entail? Within 7-10 seconds after the opening, two people must listen to a succession of Disney songs (mainly animated) and predict the song’s name and movie origin. A third person would usually pick the songs at random and offer the two participants excerpts of the songs’ intros.

If a participant correctly predicts both the song and the movie within the time restriction, they will be awarded two points. They get one point if they only guess one of them correctly. There’s a catch: if the first player gets the song, movie, or both wrong, the other player can steal a point or gain a point.

This isn’t a buzz-in like on Jeopardy. Each player takes a turn guessing the song and movie, but each song has the potential to win points for both players. You can choose how many songs to play, but they must all be Disney music from the past or present. Players count their points at the end of the game, and the one with the most points is declared the winner or Disney star.

It’s not a particularly well-known YouTube game, but it’s a lot of fun, especially for children. There’s no risk, which is excellent given how deadly challenges can be, and there are no expletives (rare, I know). I enjoyed watching people play, and both children and adults can participate, making it a fun family bonding activity for parents and kids.

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4. Boozled Beans Challenge

This jelly bean challenge, based on the Harry Potter famous chewy pleasure, puts your taste senses to the test with a mix of good and bad flavors. Spin the wheel to see which color jelly bean you’ll get, but beware: one is delicious and the other is revolting.

Depending on your luck, you might be eating delicious candy or feeling like puking (hint: you might get the vomit flavor). It’s a candy-filled Russian roulette game. The person who has the most luck and the fewest bad jelly beans win. You can be as creative as you want with this challenge, and if someone loses, have them eat some nasty beans as part of their punishment.

5. Say Anything

What makes it so difficult to say something? A minimum of two people is required, although several people can participate (more difficult). When it’s your turn to talk, the idea is to say whatever you want as long as you don’t utter anything that has already been said in that round. When it’s their time, players are only permitted to pause for a second or two. If they do, they will be punished by having scotch tape applied to their faces.

After a certain number of rounds, the person who has been punished the least and has the least amount of tape on their face is declared the winner. You might even be inventive and come up with your penalty for the loser or losers.

Trying to remove the bits of tape from your face might be amusing and a little unpleasant, but the game itself is extremely easy and everyone can play it. The tape is typically used by YouTubers to add a comic element to their videos. If you don’t want to use the tape, keeping score, or, if you’re feeling brave, devising your punishments will suffice.

6. Challenge Cinnamon

This is an older challenge that I don’t particularly enjoy, but I’ll mention it because of its notoriety. It’s possible that it was the catalyst for the current YouTube challenge/collaboration craze. To see if you can manage it, try eating a spoonful of cinnamon. (Spoiler alert: You won’t be able to.)

Young people would regularly issue this challenge to unsuspecting people, unaware of how difficult and dangerous it was to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, hence it turned into a cruel prank over time. The spectator has a good time when the participant spews forth clouds of cinnamon seconds after attempting to eat it.

Okay, haha, that’s amusing, but the person would frequently cough for a long time afterward, and I’m sure the health consequences aren’t pleasant too. I’m delighted this fad has passed because it appeared to me to be hazardous and foolish, and I don’t advocate it. If you want to give it a shot, go ahead, but keep in mind that you’ve been warned.

7. Bingo with innuendo

It’s a sloppy challenge that’s only as soiled as your thinking. While keeping liquids in your mouth, try not to chuckle. Two players usually sit across from each other and drink water while staring at each other. A variety of sound clips must be played in the background. The losing player must take an additional sip during the next round for every time water is sprayed.

The individual who can make it through the most rounds while holding the water or other liquid in their mouth is the winner. The point/round system is a personal preference. The game isn’t particularly filthy, but it does test how your mind reacts to innuendo. Even though nothing sexual is happening, the clips are frequently edited/cut together to elicit suggestive sounds.

This game quickly becomes sloppy and messy, and there’s a chance that the player across from you will (accidentally) spit water on you. The greater the distance between you and the other player, the less likely you are to get wet.

8. Chubby (or Fluffy) Bunny

Another oldie challenge that used to be popular at sleepovers. It’s been resurrected on YouTube. Warning: A choking hazard exists. If you take this challenge, exercise extreme caution. Before going on to the next person, each player must take a marshmallow, place it in their mouth (don’t chew, eat, or swallow it), and say “Chubby Bunny”.

The goal is to see who can keep the most marshmallows in their mouth the longest before having to spit them out. You can use large or little marshmallows for this project. Some people have done this while reading a book, and instead of saying “Chubby Bunny,” they have said something else.

This activity can rapidly become messy, so have a spit bucket or bag on hand. Also, do not push yourself past your comfort zone, since this can quickly become dangerous. It’s amusing to hear someone try to converse while holding a bag of marshmallows in their mouth, but it can also be unpleasant.

This challenge has a clear choking hazard, which is why, despite its widespread popularity, I don’t suggest it. There are better, safer challenges out there for you to participate in instead of something so dangerous.

9. Feel My Body

If you couldn’t tell by the name, this is the most personal of the tasks on our list. That is why it is done by couples or members of the opposing sex. One person is blindfolded, and the other places their finger on one of the blindfolded person’s body parts.

The person who can’t see must guess which body part it is. Only a blindfold and possibly some hand sanitizer are required. You can keep track of who makes the most accurate predictions and come up with your punishment for the loser (if you want).

Finale: After a few guesses, people switch back and forth, and there are normally no restrictions on the body part you choose. This is why this endeavor takes a great deal of careful language and is frequently undertaken by couples. As a bystander, I find this task to be quite amusing.

The reactions of the blinded individuals are the most amusing because they have no idea where their finger is going. The individual guiding the other person’s finger frequently tries to deceive the challenger by moving around or raising garments to make the challenger believe the body part is something else. Overall, it’s a hilariously entertaining couples challenge.

10. Quick-drawing

Anyone may take part in this challenge, and it’s a great opportunity to practice rapid thinking. You and a few others draw pictures in a short amount of time (typically 1-2 minutes), and the person with the greatest drawings wins.

The drawings in YouTube videos usually have a theme (actors, TV personalities, Star Wars figures, etc. ), but there are no restrictions on what you can choose. Simply ensure that everyone involved understands what the character or object being sketched is supposed to look like.

After that, you can vote on the best photographs or have a third party judge the finest drawings. The points are totaled at the conclusion, and a winner is determined (duh). If you choose, you can choose a punishment for the losers.

When it comes to playability, this challenge is right up there with the Disney challenge. It’s quite safe to use, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to set up. It’s a fun way to put your artistic abilities and critical thinking skills to the test. Because you can only sketch so much in a minute, the fun comes from the results. I strongly advise everyone, especially children, to see this.

11. The Whisper Challenge

WHISPER CHALLENGE!!! Brother vs. Sister Lip Reading Contest! - YouTube

I enjoy seeing people play this game because the things they say are so random. The end product is hilarious, unexpected, and a lot of fun to see. While wearing headphones that blast loud music, try to read lips and figure out what the individual is saying. All you’ll need is a pair of headphones, some loud music, and some creativity.

Ensure that the music for the listener is loud enough to drown out the other person. Remember, the goal is to read their lips to figure out what they’re saying.

People take turns attempting to decipher what each other is saying. Because this game is mostly played for entertainment and comedy, few people keep track of points, but you could if you wanted to.

This is a fun party game to play. If you don’t want to try it yourself, check out other YouTubers who have taken on the task. Most of the videos contain profanity, but it’s also hilarious to watch those individuals try to read lips. What they say is exactly as ludicrous as you might expect.

12. Make an effort not to laugh

Suitable for people of all ages. The task is exactly what it sounds like, but the more you try, the more difficult it becomes. Can you make it through a succession of amusing Youtube clips (or 6-second vines) without laughing? (or smiling, depending on how you want to play).

Because the game is entirely dependent on video clips, you’ll need a cellphone or internet connection. Viewing a combination of vines and films carefully meant to make you laugh and/or smile is the greatest way to play.

The more people who participate in the game, the better. In a game of willpower and facial muscle control, try to outlast your friends and family. If you can’t bear not smiling, at least refrain from laughing (get it haha).

This challenge is suitable for people of all ages and is most age-appropriate. It’s a great party game, though determining who smiles and who laughs can be difficult. There are innumerable video montages for this game on YouTube, but finding a collection of footage that is truly funny is “tough.” “Try Not to Cry” and “Try Not to Scream/Be Scared” are two spin-offs from the main series. However, before you get there, I recommend giving this game a shot to see how funny it is.

13. Eat It or Wear It

Eat It or WEAR IT Challenge {ft. Lindsey Stirling} - YouTube

A challenge that includes taste-testing is a whole new level of difficulty. If you can take putting horrible objects in your mouth, you’ll enjoy this game. Choose one closed bag with a number on it from a pile and either eat or “wear” the food inside. The person who wears it the least is the winner. When you consider getting, bagging, and numbering the meals, there’s a lot of prep labor involved.

The most terrifying aspect of the bag is the randomness of the contents. You’d think that the worst part would be eating something awful, but having a head full of foul, wet, and sticky food is just as bad.

This challenge is essentially a food war, but that’s not a bad thing. If you must play, do so in broad daylight. Also, don’t overdo it with the food options. At the very least, the meal must be edible in some way, and, as with any culinary challenge, food allergies must be considered!

Honorable Mentions in the Top 5

1. The Wet Head Test

Players wear a special helmet with tubes connected that they must rip out when they get an answer wrong in this quiz challenge. Water will come out if one of the tubes is pulled at random, causing you to lose.

2. A Hundred Layers

Can you survive putting 100 layers of something on yourself and still be alive? Hats, clothes, makeup, and other items could be included in the layers.

3. Mannequin Competition

Everyone tries to freeze in position while the hit song “Black Beatles” plays in the background in this late-2016 classic. This was one of the few challenges to burst into the public, similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge a few years ago.

4. Challenge Don’t Sing

Is it possible to listen to your favorite songs without singing or swaying to the beat? This try-not-to-laugh sequel will put your patience to the test and make you doubt your ability to remain motionless.

5. The Challenge of No Thumbs

A fun game for people of all ages in which you strive to complete various chores while your thumbs are tied, but don’t cheat!

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