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Technology has evolved and developed as a vast mode of entertainment, education, career choices, and much more. Today’s youngsters are super energetically involved in becoming popular worldwide. And for that cost, every individual has chosen YouTube as their primary platform. And vlogging in YouTube has become the most common, easy, and effective way to familiarize ourselves today. But many still struggle to understand the concept of vlogging. This article talks clearly about vlogging, its evolution, its history, and a lot more. Hopefully, let’s start.

What is vlogging?

Vlogging is an act of making videos to report or describe the content. The actual name of vlogging is video-blogging which was later shortly called vlogging. Now, the simplest line to describe vlogging is that it’s just ‘video blogging’. To know more about vlogging, we’ll have to know in-depth about blogging.

What is blogging ?

 Blogging is an act of writing reports, descriptions, or key scripts to provide information about a particular concept, event, idea, or possibly anything. There are different types to write content and the most familiar two types of contents are:

• Blogging

• Article writing

Though they both are almost similar to one another there is profoundly a Line separating these two.

• Article writing is a form of writing content in a way that it provides vast information about the topic. More clearly article writing is the most formal type of creating content.

• Article writing provides the most truthful information in the most formal way possible.

• Whereas blogging has a very informal format. Blogging includes reader-friendly conversations, off-topic discussions, and personal opinions about the topic.

• Even ‘Blogging’ is not the actual name of this content. It was called something else before it was recognized by some scholars. And undoubtedly blogging has evolved far more than its initials format.

Evolution of blogging:

• The word ‘blog’ was a short form of ‘weblog’ coined by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997.

• Peter Merholz, in his website called peterme.com coined the word blog in May 1999.

• Tim Berners-Lee was the first person to publish an official blog in 1992 about techy content.

• Justin Hall, an American is called as the father of Blogging. Though Justin Hall was a Recruiter, Director of culture and communications, he is most widely renowned for blogging in The Nethernet.

This innovative method of writing introduced in the 1990s now has almost coved every theory, report, and event on, among, and beyond the surface of the earth. Scholars say that there are roughly 600 million blogs available on the internet today. It is agreed worldwide that Links.net was the first blogging website and Justin Hall, the father of blogging was the first one who published a blog website in 1994.

Modem Blogging:

Blogging has now evolved higher. A writing format that included some now personal thoughts in 1994 is now one of the best money-making platforms available.

 Blogging has its branches spread in 4 main categories:

• Personal blogs

• Business blogs

• Niche blogs

• Affiliate blogs

1. Personal blogs: These blogs always focus upon the personal lifestyle, everyday events, potential, ambitions, plans, etc. of the blogger himself. These is also called lifestyle blogs also.

2. Business blogs: Business Blogs are created only in order to advertise their business ideas. They are written in a way such that it attracts clients and customers. Business Blogs are supposed to help grow the business.

3. Niche blogs: Niche Blogs are the most popular type nowadays. They can’t be arranged in an organized set. A Niche blog can be written in different niches like fashion, sports, academics, travel, music, DIY, food, and a lot more.

4. Affiliate blogs: Affiliate blogs are created in order to expose products. These bloggers almost work on product reviews and provide affiliate links with them. Whenever a reader or a customer buys the product through the link provided, the blogger would get a commission for the sale. This commission is provided in percentage methods and not only bloggers even common people spread affiliate links to get benefits.

It’s been almost 26 years since the first Blogging website was established, and today we roughly have 6 lakh websites being created each day. Among these millions of websites, only some stand prioritized as the best blogging websites like wordpress.com, blogger.com, wix.com, weebly.com, medium.com, etc… Bloggers get paid by promoting ads between their blogs. Bloggers are provided with ads by branding companies and are paid whenever an ID gets into the website. This way bloggers make enough money by just using their worldly skills.

Who are Vloggers?

As we read earlier vlogging is making video blogs or video logs having either a video of moving or still texts or relevant images or a live video of the vlogger himself. Survey says that vlogging has been attracting a lot of audiences and stands as one of the best forms of entertainment. This widespread popularity of vlogs has been increasing since 2005. Vlogging has been started in 2005 when YouTube was first found. YouTube’s cofounder JawedKarim uploaded the first vlog in his own YouTube channel named “Jawed”. YouTube became one of the most popular web destinations since when vlogging was introduced. This led to the drastic popularity of vlogs.

Types of vlogs:

· Personal vlogs

· Live Broadcasting vlogs

· Informative vlogs

· Bereavement vlogs

· Conversational vlogs

5. Personal vlogs: Just like personal blogs these kinds of vlogs are created in order to expose the personal lifestyle of the vlogger himself.

6. Live Broadcasting Vlogs: As YouTube makes the best platform for vloggers, It also holds an option to live broadcast a vlog script. This is used when a vlogger wishes directly to connect with his / her subscriber.

7. Informative vlogs: These kinds of vlogs are intended to share or provide information about a particular subject to the viewer. They could include anything worth informing.

8. Bereavement vlogs: The soul reason to make such vlogs is just absolute sadness. They are first blindly created to share or to evoke sadness or grief feelings of the viewers.

9. Conversational Vlogs: These are some of the most loved vlogs. They are so informal and are always relatably friendly. They can talk about anything which the vlogger wishes to conversate about.

Uses and Advantage of Vlogs / vlogging:

· Vlogs fulfill your requirements more clearly in lesser time.

· Vlogs keep a vlogger engaged in work-based ideas.

· Vlogging makes a person creative day by day.

· Vlogging brings advancements in life.

· Vlogs are understood by almost everyone, unlike blogs which need literary knowledge to understand.

· Vlogs make learning, understanding & even Knowing easier.

· Vlogs entertain as well as educate.

· Vlogs define the modern technology Impacts and disadvantages of vlogs.

· Unlike blogs, vlogs consume a lot of time to be created, edited, and published.

· Vlogs include physical work too whereas blogging plays with mental health alone.

· A wrong move in vlogging can turn the whole scenario upside-down.· The subscriber interaction may lead to seriously exhaustive issues.


Vlogging is the advanced future of blogging. Both of these entertainment or educational or informative media has now become some of the best hobbies, money-making platforms, creativity increasing dosages, etc… But as we all know media has its other side too sharpened. Development can sometimes result in vice versa. Just keeping it in mind let us all safely move towards the upgraded lifestyles of our incredible world.


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