32 Vital Vlogging Tips for Beginners

Friends, with the help of today’s article, we are going to know and understand about 32 Vital Vlogging Tips for Beginners and will see that Vlogging is done, we will take complete information about Vlogging in it and we will tell you such tips and tricks with the help of which you can take the Vlogging channel very far, so let’s start, know more about this article 32 Vital Vlogging Tips for Beginners

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a free medium of blogging in which the blogger shares his point of view, experience, knowledge, skill, skill, etc. with the audience through videos. Today it is also called YouTube, and the creator of the video is called YouTubers. The beginning of vlogging is believed to be from 2005.

The word Vilogging is made up of two English words ‘Video’ and ‘Log’. Thus the whole word “Videolog” was formed which means “Sequential entry of videos.” The same definition applies to blogging. Doing this work is called vlogging.

You can understand it this way also. Just as we share information in text format (not limited to) by writing articles on any website/blog. In the same way in Vlogging, we convey our thoughts to the people through the video.

In Vlogging, you can create your Vlog (Video) on any topic as per your wish. You can give your opinion on any social issue or review it by telling the advantages and disadvantages of a product, as well as share your daily routine with people.

The way the Internet is reaching people fast, people are preferring to understand things by watching videos instead of reading. A funny statistic is that in the year 2016 there were 700 million video viewers in the world and this figure increased to 2.6 billion in the year 2019 November.

You yourself can guess from this math how fast the demand for video watchers is increasing.

If you also want to become a vlogger, then you do not need to have any special qualities. You can start your journey as a vlogger with just one topic and good Basic Video Editing skills.

Remember, whatever Valuable  Topic you choose in Vlogging, the way of conveying the information, ideas to the people related to it should be attractive in which your audience is interested and more and more viewers like to see you.

Because the more you can engage people, the more likely people will connect with you and it will be easier for you to gain fame through vlogging.

How to start Vlogging?

Now the question comes how to do vlogging? That is, where to start vlogging?

 So the answer to this question depends on what purpose you want to record the video.

 Today there are many different ways to share, host, and record videos around the world. All platforms are available, which have been developed to meet the different needs of the creators. The names of some popular vlogging platforms are as follows.

5 Best Vlogging Platforms

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook Videos
  • Instagram
  • Moj/MX takatak/Josh

You can use any of these video-sharing platforms. In these, the name of YouTube comes at the top.

 Although it is not so, you can do vlogging only through the YouTube channel. Rather, you can also share your video content on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

 But, YouTube is a world famous video sharing platform. And so far, hundreds of creators have gained fame through vlogging videos on YouTube. Therefore, YouTube is the first choice of vloggers.

 It is better that you also start the Vlogging Journey on the YouTube platform.

What is needed for Vlogging

 The first thought comes when I hear the name of the video, I do not have a camera, then how can I do Vlogging.

 After the camera, sound recorder, lights, video editor software , space will be needed to record the video.

 Such questions start coming up. We believe this question is valid. But, the excuse of lack of things is not going to work now. If you have the will power to record videos then you can do vlogging by recording videos.

To create a vlog (ie to start a YouTube channel) you must have some essential things. Which you should arrange before you start the vlog.

Basic Tools to Start a Vlog YouTube Channel

  • Voice Recorder
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Tripod
  • Mic
  • Lights
  • Camera or Smartphone
  • Video Editor Program
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Digital Literacy Skills

How should the camera be? Can a normal camera work? Or will you have to buy an expensive camera?

Often, due to this dilemma many people are not able to start vlogging. But, you don’t need a camera to do vlogging. Yes. You heard it right.

You can also record video from your smartphone. There are many youtubers who record and upload videos from mobile only.

If you have a budget smartphone then your work will go well. And you have extra budget then you can go towards DSLR Camera.

Voice Recorder

More than video, your voice determines the quality of the video. Therefore, if you can buy a good sound recorder, then definitely buy it.

 You can get information about sound recorder from online shopping portals.


If you want to record video from smartphone If so, then you are going to need an extra mic to transmit the sound. Therefore, a caller mic is a must have with you. You can also find these mics online. Whose start from ₹ 100.

You can find mic according to your budget. If YouTubers are to be believed, BOYA Mike has proved to be the best for this work. You can buy these mics from Amazon.


To crack your camera or smartphone, you need a tool called a tripod. It is made just for this purpose. Therefore, you must buy a cheap and durable tripod.

 Their starting price online starts from ₹200. Buy a tripod according to your budget.


This device is optional and depends on your budget. If you have the budget then you can buy lights. Otherwise, there is no problem in recording video even without lights.

These lights are also available in different ranges. You can learn more knowledge about them by going online explore.

Video Editing tool

This is mandatory and you must have a video editing tool. Which will bring life to your video. Therefore, do not hesitate to cool your pocket for this tool.

There are many free and cracked tools available on the internet. However, we do not recommend such programs. You are going to start a business. Therefore, a little investment has to be made.

 This tool acts as a foundation. If your foundation remains weak, then the fear of falling will always remain. Now your choice, would you like to be in the shadow of fear or fearless?

We would advise you to buy any video editor tool available for the smartphone, which is quite cheap. But, make this investment only if you are comfortable working on a small screen.

If you have more budget then you should buy Desktop Software. Which will cost you a little more than the mobile version.

Internet Connectivity

You have recorded the video. To reach them on the Internet, the Internet will be needed. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a high-speed internet connection. Without this your work will stop.

 This is not a more serious problem. Which internet are you using in your smartphone? That one is suitable for you. Therefore, always keep the internet data plan active in the mobile phone. So that the video can be uploaded for decades as soon as it is recorded.

 Anyway, after the arrival of Jio, 4G data is available only in India, the cheapest in the world. So here you will not have to spend much.

Digital Literacy Skill

You have set up YouTube Studio. But, if you do not know how to run a computer, then all these things are useless.

Therefore, to be successful in vlogging, along with video-making skills, you must have basic computer knowledge, basic knowledge of searching and downloading information from the internet, and video editing.

How to Make a Vlog ?

Come, now let’s talk about how you can make your own vlog? What are your options?

 To start the will log, you have to keep the following things in mind. Only then start creating will logs.

1. Select your Vlog Topic

First of all, determine the topic on which you want to create a Vlog. This work should be done first and it should be meant.

Therefore, do not take any hesitation here.

How to choose Vlogging topics?

What you are better at doing, you know, the work you enjoy doing, the work you do in your spare time, the work can become your willlog topic.

But, we do not mean to say that at all, you should start vlogging only on your hobbies. You can do vlogging on many other topics. The names of some topics are given below.

2. Determine the video topic

 Decide on which topics to make the video. Meaning, if you want to teach web designing to people through YouTube. Begin the video with the basics of web designing, then gradually move forward covering different topics gradually.

If you plan this thing in advance, your work will become a little easier.

3. Choose a video platform

 We mentioned above that there are many video sharing platforms available for vlogging. Just choose the platform keeping in mind your need, audience reach and earning availability.

 Here we would advise you to choose YouTube for vlogging. This platform is the best to get started as well as becoming popular.

 By going to YouTube, you log-in through your Google account and start vlogging by creating a YouTube channel.

4. Record Video

You have now selected the platform for vlogging. So it’s time to record the video.

Light. Camera. Action! The time has come to make these words a reality. Turn on your lights, put the camera on the tripod and start shooting.

Shoot video while shooting. Recording well? Don’t ask this question. If there is any mistake, we will remove it in editing. Concentrate on recording the content.

5. Edit Video

After shooting the video it is time to prepare it for the audience. So your video editor program helps you in this task.

 The mistakes you made, you scratched your nose, sneezed, a… have come… means… wipe out everything that came. Looks like you have recorded the video in a very professional manner.

6. Upload Video

After preparing the video, it is my turn to upload it. So log in to the account created on your Vlogging platform and upload the video.

 While uploading, please fill in the required information about the video so that the viewer can find the video.

7. Do Marketing

This is the final act of vlogging but it is necessary. Don’t forget to ignore it. Viewers are not going to come just by making a video and uploading it. Will have to bring them.

 Therefore, along with making videos, keep marketing them so that the traffic continues. If you want to be successful online then focus on traffic.

Best Topics for Vlogging 2021

  1. Personal Vlogs
  • Travel Vlogs
  • Informational Vlogs
  • Funny Vlogs
  • Fitness Vlogs
  • Other Vlogs

1. Personal Vlogs

You do not need to be a professional to start Vlogging, that is, if you are not an expert in any field, then you can give your personal opinion through Vlogging.

Suppose you are related to health. There is health information that is useful for people, so it is not necessary that you are a doctor. You can share your knowledge to people through video.

For example, today many people share their Daily Routine, Life Goals on their personal Vlog. In this way you are interested in beauty, singing, dancing etc. You can start vlogging by making videos on it.

2. Travel Vlogs/Travellogs

Vlogs is a great idea for you to start Vlogging if you often go on a trip.

Travel videos are very much liked in Vlogging. Inside travel blogs, Vloggers guide viewers wherever they roam through videos. Let us tour it as well as what is special in those places, and how we can prepare before going to that tourist place, how much budget is needed, what should be done and what not, etc. Types of videos come under Travel Vlogs.

3. Informational Vlogs

 Generally people watch a video because they are getting any information or entertainment from that video.

 So now we talked about entertainment, so in the same way if you want the audience on any topic, for example; You can create your own informational Vlog on any topic like education, health etc.

You can also make these videos without being in front of the camera. Which we call Voiceover. Information will be related to How to Videos, Review and Explain any topic or concept in the Vlogs.

4. Funny Vlogs

You can create your own Funny Vlogs (Comedy ones) here. These days funny willows are being liked very much on the internet. And there are many such YouTubers who are earning name and money along with laughing a lot through vlogging.

Talking about funny willows, you must have heard the name of Prank Videos. So you too can turn on the mood of the people by making funny vlogs. What is funny reaction on any issue? People also like to watch such videos.

5. Fitness Vlogs

You love to be fit. And you go to the gym, do exercises to keep your body fit. Then as a Fitness Enthusiastic you can create your own fitness vlog.

But if you are wondering how to start, then you can make your own fitness vlog on these topics.

  • How should I work out in the gym or at home?
  • What did you eat today?
  • How to do this exercise?
  • How to transform yourself by making a better body?
  • You can make a fitness vlog on topics etc.

6. Other Vlogs

Apart from these, there are many types of Vlogs and you can create your Vlog on any topic. Below are some points from which you can get an idea to start a Vlog

7. Q&A Vlogs Video – In which you answer people’s questions.

Interview Vlogs

You can according to your Vlog Niche You can show the interview of a big YouTuber or a capable person to your audience.

Gaming Vlogs Video

Nowadays making videos fond of playing games are becoming very popular in videos

food test Vlogs

In this, bloggers go to other places and test the feet and tell how it is and they must eat it when they come here

5 easy ways to earn money by Vlogging

Google Adsense

Sponsorship/Direct Advertising

Product Review

Affiliate Marketing

Selling Own Products

1.Google Adsense

The initial way to earn money for any blogger or vlogger is – Google Adsense.

You add a subscriber by making a video on YouTube, Google will bring you an advertiser. In return, he will keep some money. Will give the rest to you.

So, make great videos and wait for the dollars to come from Google.

2. Sponsorship or Direct Advertising

Here too you earn money only through advertising. But, you have to find the advertiser yourself. So, this one is a bit costly job. And for this your audience network should also be big enough.

You talk to the people of the industry related to the Vlog topic and tell about any of their products or services inside the video. In return, you get money. Here the rate is decided by your goodwill.

3. Product Review

You give information about a product to your audience. This whole video is only and only about this product. Therefore, you get more money than sponsorship or direct advertising.

You must have seen review videos of gadgets like mobile phones, smart speakers, mics etc. on YouTube. All these are video pads. Companies pay their expenses.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It is called brokerage in simple language. That is, you earn money by becoming a middleman. You advertise a product of a company, when people buy that product from your link, then you get a pre-determined commission.

You can earn money by selling domain, hosting, e-books, amazon products, flipkart products on commission. All you have to do is choose the product according to your willlog topic. And it has to be marketed on your channel.

5. Sell Own Products

If you do not want to earn money from the above four methods, then you can earn a lot of money by selling your own digital products.

 You can earn money by making e-books, digital courses and selling them to the audience. But, here also your popularity and acceptance determines the business. Therefore, one has to establish oneself first.

What is the advantage of doing Vlogging?

1. name and money

 If you have any talent, creativity. Which you want to bring in front of the world, then vlogging can prove to be a great way for you in the digital age.

Today is a similar story of hundreds of people who succeeded in vlogging, who started from a small town, today millions of people know the person. To know how you can become famous, you can watch the example on YouTube now.

2. Reaching People

What has someone said a lot, people listen to those who have the public. That’s why the way a talk on a popular TV channel reaches crores of people in a single turn.

In the same way, through Vlogging, you also have a chance to come to reach your thoughts and information to millions of people.

And if you also like to see a large number of viewers, then apart from YouTube, you can also increase the number of your followers on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram page.

3. Audience withconnectivity

Vilogging lets you engage directly with the audience. When you start making videos on any niche, people watch your videos and they know what you are better at.

So subscribe to your channel and ask your questions, thoughts in the comments. This way you can stay connected with your audience.

Even if you are a blogger, then vlogging can prove to be very beneficial for you. As a Vlogger, you write articles on any Niche in your blog. So why not convey the same information to the people through video.

 This will not only increase your subscribers on that video sharing platform, but it can also become a good source of traffic for your website. And Google likes quality content.

4. way to earn money

Making money is not the ultimate goal of a person. But still everyone wants to benefit from the work we are doing professionally.

If you are successful in this while vlogging, that means you have a large number of active audience with you. So you have a golden chance to earn money through Vlogging.

You can earn well in Vlogging in many ways like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship, Product Selling etc. And by making a digital career, you can start living a boss free life. How to earn money from Vlogging? This is discussed in detail below.

5. Opportunity to increase knowledge

When you start recording a video on a topic, you are at the beginning hobbies. Because, they know about it.

As there is growth, so does the demand for more content. For the fulfillment of which it is necessary to find new topics. Therefore, video creators have to delve deeper into their subject in order to find and find topics to record the video.

When one goes deep, the hobby improves, the knowledge related to it increases. And we start becoming master of hobby.

Now you have understood Vlogging very well. Come, let’s know how to do vlogging?


Friends, with the help of today’s article, we took a lot of information about Vlogging and understood and understood what is Vlogging, how to do Vlogging and see many tips and tricks of Vlogging, with the help of which we can easily master our Vlogging channel. And we have told you this well and in detail. And I am sure now that you too must have known and understood everything about the Vlogging I have mentioned and you too if Vlogging to make your channel If you want, you will be able to group your channel with the help of this tips and tricks. If you have your own, then you must have learned something. Friends, if you have any problem in reading this article anywhere or have any problem, then you can comment on our comment box. Feel free to message me, our group will definitely try to reply to your message.

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