How to Make Money Vlogging [ Complete Guide 2022 ]

Blogging is still a fantastic method to earn money online, but it isn’t for everyone. Let’s face it: some people enjoy putting words together in a post and gradually increasing the page count. Some folks get a deer in the appearance of the headlight when they think of high school English classes.

Another popular option is vlogging. This is a fantastic suggestion for someone who exudes natural charisma. Or simply somebody who prefers to speak rather than write. Vlogs come in a wide range of styles.

Many incorporate a single person or a small group of people who operate in the same specialty and talk to the camera as though their audience is right there with them.

While there are numerous ways to make money vlogging, it’s critical to understand as much as possible early on to develop an effective video creation approach. Continue reading to understand both the fundamentals and the specifics of how to make money vlogging.

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One of the most crucial first stages is to ensure that you have the correct vlogging concept in mind. When it comes to learning how to make money vlogging, it’s crucial to realize that some methods work better than others.

At least in terms of attracting enough interest and attention to get compensated. Finding a niche, providing amazing material, and preparing for long, consistent, grinding efforts are all part of vlogging in a way that will make you money.

If you build it big enough, it can become a source of passive income. To reach that stage, though, any good vlog necessitates a significant amount of preparation.

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What will you be talking about in your video blogs? You should approach keyword research in the same way you would for a written blog. Consider this step carefully. Even if you have a large following on a video channel and want to venture out later, it’s advisable to stay in a similar niche.

Any YouTube vlogger with a large following will be enthusiastic about what they’re doing. It takes a lot of passion to start a successful video blog.

You could be tempted to investigate which niches pay the most in display advertisements or affiliate items. That is an important aspect of research. However, this should not be the most important consideration! The ability to connect with the audience and come across as trustworthy and passionate is a crucial aspect of succeeding as a vlogger.

This should be the most important consideration when choosing a specialty. This should be something you’re willing to invest time and effort into.

If you’ve never been outside, you should do it before diving into the fishing, hiking, or camping niches. You should avoid competing in that field if you have no prior expertise with producing money or side hustles.

Many successful vloggers who make a lot of money started as novices. Before they began, though, they had some experience and passion.

It’s even better if you can find a niche where you can offer a unique perspective. Adding a new perspective to a popular genre is a terrific approach for a YouTube creator to gain attention. It’s a must-have in some categories, such as travel blogging. What are your advantages? Where can you establish a name for yourself?

When you first start, you don’t have to know who you’re going to be on camera. Over time, your vlogger style will evolve. You’ll naturally change as you become more comfortable in front of the camera and learn what your audience enjoys.

This is still something you should consider early on. Be adaptable, but remember that even if a lot of your vlogging appeal is based on your personality, you still need to think of yourself as a brand.

Because that is precisely what you are as a video blogger. You are a brand whether you are a beauty vlogger, a well-known YouTuber, a travel blogger, or someone in entirely another area. Your personality, your sense of style, and your YouTube channel must all be a part of you.

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Nobody wants to waste their time with useless information. If you want to make money on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video site, outstanding content must be at the core of your strategy.

There is an incredible amount of decent to excellent information available. If you want to get a fair amount of video views, you must also be able to deliver high-quality content. If you don’t, viewers will simply switch to another station.

Every YouTube video should have the same goal as a non-video blog post: to create something remarkable and high-quality.


A dead channel will never take off, and only a small percentage of channels achieve early success in the first few weeks or months. Making money with vlogging necessitates a lot of faith in the beginning. Have faith that your efforts will pay off, even if you don’t see immediate results.

Believe that all of the hard effort put in behind the scenes will be rewarded. I’m even more convinced that all of the anxiety will be worth it. Keep in mind that you must be consistent. If you’re vlogging with the hopes of becoming a paid YouTuber, you’ll notice that YouTube’s algorithm favors frequent (constant) posting.

Show that you’re serious about your channel by constantly producing high-quality video content, and your videos will have a better chance of being discovered.

While there are a few outliers who can post infrequently and yet make a lot of money, they are the exception rather than the rule.

Most of the time, they grew stronger as a result of more constant publishing. Even those who can get away with it would be more successful as vloggers if they put out more consistent content, it’s reasonable to say.

The second step is to exercise patience. It takes a lot of effort to upload videos to YouTube. It takes a lot of effort to plan video ideas, write scripts, and edit video material. Also, keep in mind that, as much as you may want to film your movies all over the place, you may simply not have the time. Early on in your career, you may need to concentrate on just one video platform.

For the most part, this implies that YouTube is the ideal place to make money vlogging. That is most certainly where you want to go if you can only focus on one channel.

This is a step-by-step procedure. No one becomes a vlogging juggernaut in a single day. This necessitates a long-term commitment to achieving your vlogging income objectives. You’ll be ahead of 90% of the competition if you can be patient, consistent, and persistent while producing excellent content.

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When it comes to making money as a vlogger, you have various possibilities. Once you’ve built up a loyal following, you might be surprised at how many possibilities you have. This section delves into the more traditional or fundamental methods of earning money on YouTube.


One of the most prevalent ways to make money from YouTube is through advertisements. Many vloggers earn five or six figures per month doing this, and many more make thousands each month on lesser channels. You can find pages upon pages of video results by searching “how much do you make on YouTube.”

Once they gain popularity, many vloggers are extremely honest about how much money they make. If you’re looking at other channels or niches, it’s worth looking at a few of these. The most important thing to remember is that this option is not available to everyone who is just starting. A vlogger must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total view hours on their channel in the previous 12 months to qualify.

This is why it’s critical to produce high-quality videos regularly. You must first demonstrate that you can gain that initial following before you can begin monetizing with their basic adverts.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to profit from YouTube’s Google AdSense advertisements!

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Another popular way for vloggers to generate money is through affiliate marketing. This can be accomplished by marketing things you believe in inside the videos themselves. Many vloggers make a living by specializing in individual product review videos.

Many vloggers concentrate on specialty content and utilize videos to drive traffic to an affiliate website that they control. Another alternative is to concentrate solely on the specialty while including relevant affiliate links in the video descriptions.

This is something that many YouTube travel vloggers do, including affiliate links to their camera gear, travel gear, and even video editing software.

There are numerous excellent methods to incorporate affiliate marketing into practically any niche – just make sure you do so wisely. Don’t spam everything that comes your way, especially if it’s unconnected. That’s how you lose any vlogger following you’ve managed to build. As an affiliate vlogger, you’ll make a lot more money if you do that. From the perspective of your viewers, you’ll also be a lot more trustworthy!


Many companies are looking for reliable web spokespersons to promote their products. This might be a partnership formed as a result of vlogger reviews you’ve already completed. You could also have surprise results with outreach efforts.

Many new, small, and medium-sized businesses are keen to collaborate with specialized bloggers and vloggers who have a loyal following. Many businesses struggle to get their advertising or message in front of the correct kind of interested potential clients.

A vlogger with a large following can be a highly enticing companion in this situation. Paid content and sponsored videos can bring in a lot of money. That stated, any collaboration or sponsored content should always be disclosed upfront.


This isn’t a practical choice for everyone, but it can be a lucrative source of vlogging money for others. Custom shirts, mugs, and specialty goods linked to your specialization are common examples of merchandising. It’s worth remembering, even though it’s unlikely to be your greatest moneymaker (unless in a few areas).


The concept of supporting content artists you like has taken off. Many content creators not only vlog for a living but also have a Patreon page where they offer exclusive videos for monthly Patrons. Depending on the niche, some include extra images, shout-outs, credits, or a range of other incentives.

This can be an excellent strategy to get a consistent monthly revenue from your most ardent supporters. Patreon has proven to be an excellent source of extra cash for a variety of video blogging genres.

This is a terrific approach to develop a relatively constant and easy income stream because Patreon is free to set up and easy to advertise.

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YouTube advertising is similar to video AdSense ads. These are only available once a vlog channel reaches the following two traffic thresholds:

1. Have 1000 YouTube subscribers

2. Over the last 12 months, your films have received 4,000 total hours of viewing time.

When a vlogger’s YouTube channel achieves these goals, YouTube invites them to join the partner program. This enables a diverse range of video adverts to be placed on each video, usually at the start.

Pre-roll commercials can be either twenty-second “must play” ads or ads with a five-second skip option. Longer view times mean more money, but forcing people to watch the entire ad before watching a video can turn them off, so it’s a decision that individual vloggers will have to make.

The balance between ad revenue and keeping the audience pleased can vary depending on the specialty or channel.

In-stream advertisements, bumper ads, and in-display ads are also available. Each sort of ad is created differently, and each pays differently based on views or actual engagements such as clicks.

YouTube goes into greater information on each of them, but it’s worth noting that there’s a reason why the length of video matters for vloggers who can produce higher-quality content.


While you don’t need much to begin started, it’s crucial to consider the technological tools you’ll need as a professional vlogger as time goes on. If you don’t have anything else, start with a good smartphone camera and some free video editing software like Open Shot to get started.

If you’re going to be the center of attention in your movies, you might be able to use the built-in webcam on your laptop if it’s advanced enough.

While these are adequate solutions for new vloggers who aren’t currently making a lot of money, better equipment is essential.

The specific equipment required will be determined by the blog. For someone who will be moving or walking regularly, a Gimble or GoPro is essential. These aren’t necessary if you’re solely shooting in your home studio.

Lights work in the opposite direction. You’ll want to look into stationary lighting choices if you’re shooting in a home office or studio.


This can be a significant problem on YouTube. Certain industries are more vulnerable to these problems than others. Some general principles explain what video content providers should do to avoid these problems.

Keep in mind that these criteria can (and do) change, so monitoring YouTube’s Creator Academy regularly is a good idea. This was a major issue in 2017 when numerous channels were demonetized in what was dubbed the first “Adpocalypse.”

Many of them have valid reasons. Others, such as outdoor survival pages, we’re told that hatchets and survival knives were weapons rather than tools and that they had been demonetized. Some of these were able to restore their videos, while others were never found.

Let YouTube know if you have anything rated PG-13 or higher on your channel. If you’ve designated your channel as a children’s channel, maintain it that way. You want everything to be spotless.

Avoid copyrighted stuff, don’t plagiarize (which you should never do anyhow), and stay away from the obvious red flags that will land you in trouble.

The vast majority of vlogging content creators who adhere to these guidelines will be OK. If you’re driven to a niche that necessitates a lot of “fair use,” do some study to see if your idea is practical or if the problems are worth the effort. Many people are eager to offer advice and/or assistance. Make a good first impression, and you might perhaps land future cooperation!


Basic advertisements, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, and merchandising are all excellent ways to make money from vlogging. You won’t be able to take advantage of a growing dedicated audience if you limit yourself to it. The focus on being a brand is an important aspect of getting the most out of your efforts.


This gives you a location to push affiliate programs harder for people who want to learn more about what you’re selling. This also adds to your authority. Not every marketer considers YouTubers to be on the same level as a successful affiliate marketer, or even many online marketers in general.

You get the best of both worlds by having a good-looking website developed for branding and affiliate marketing, as well as a healthy following as a vlogger. This establishes you as a knowledgeable online business expert rather than “simply” a vlogger or YouTuber. The website can aid in the promotion of the YouTube channel, and your videos, in turn, can aid in the promotion of the blog.

To put it another way, it makes sense to consider long-term planning. While you may have a basic website at first, make it a good-looking website while you focus on your vlogging videos.

In the long term, making careful to promote both will pay off handsomely.

This offers up more opportunities for vloggers, and with a website to back them up, some of the following money-making ideas for vloggers are more likely to succeed.


Dropshipping is more commonly employed by website owners, but in the right circumstances, it might work great for vloggers. Why not develop review videos that can rank for those product keywords if you’re looking at dropshipping products that you know are profitable?

When done correctly, the Instant Ecommerce course may help you get started with this and open up some substantial cash. This can even lead to the creation of your product line, with dropshipping as the method of fulfillment.

The combination of a website with a vlogging video can be extremely effective.


Creating a paid course is an excellent strategy to increase your revenue. Paid courses can be a powerful method to earn more from your vlogging, whether it’s telling others how to follow in your footsteps in becoming a successful vlogger or focusing on what you do (travel, arts, woodworking, etc.).

This necessitates a track record of success. If you’ve done a good job of building your brand and have a dedicated following, you’ll have a group of people that are interested in whatever you have to offer.

For new video bloggers, creating paid courses is a “down the line” method to monetize, but it’s one you shouldn’t overlook.


You can offer stock photographs and stock videos depending on your niche. This will only apply to specific niches. However, if you want to make nature or trip videos, this could be in high demand.

You can sell stock photographs through Adobe Stock Photos, and you can sell portions of the film that others can use in the same way through Story Blocks.


This is a step that some people find easy, while others find it much more challenging. Sharing a video from someone with a million followers is one thing, but many people find it difficult to share their work when the views are in the low double digits. That not only gets you the attention you need, but it also motivates you to keep producing only the best vlogging content.

Some people will be offended or unconcerned. That’s all right. You’re looking for an audience that will enjoy your work. Inquire about the subscription even in the videos.

Those figures are important, and if you ask, you’ll get more people to sign up. Especially if your videos provide the information that your visitors require.


Making money as a YouTube vlogger or even a YouTube celebrity isn’t easy. You wouldn’t show up for work and decide not to pay attention after the first day. There’s always something new to discover.

When it comes to developing engaging video content, the finer points are crucial. Learning the subtleties over time is crucial if you want to be a good vlogger.

Look for tips on how to write the best video description on the internet. Write down and recall whatever new information you come across on how to use social media to boost traffic, acquire attention on your platform, or attract sponsors. Video blogging is a crucial talent to master. It should be treated as such.


As a YouTuber, you can earn money in a variety of ways. While the terminology may change (vlogger vs. YouTuber), the fact remains that you can start a video blog with very little equipment and start earning paid for your videos.

If you follow the advice in this post, retain a long-term perspective, and constantly generate new videos, you can construct a vlogging profession that you can truly make a living from. The route to learning how to make money vlogging isn’t difficult, but it does involve effort and commitment.

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