How to become a beauty vlogger.

How to become a beauty vlogger.

Due to the pandemic, we have seen people becoming Beauty Vlogger on social media platforms. However, vlogging can be considered as one of the easiest ways to follow your passion but on another hand, it is quite tough for a full-time Vlogger to handle everything so smoothly. Although during the long back days it’s required lots of effort and lots of patience for being a successful Vlogger.

Sometimes a person needs to learn the creativity of applying makeup. But as of now, thanks to beauty vloggers who are delivering the information they do their best and I’m addressing plenty of advice related to makeup. Moreover, if you also want to become a successful beauty Vlogger then in this article, we have concluded some of the best tips and ideas for you that could help you in becoming a successful beauty Vlogger.

Nowadays vlogging has become one of the most demanding and popular activities, especially amongst teenagers. Without a doubt, there is an ample number of people who want to start their YouTube channels.

Aspiring other people to come on social media platforms and showcase their skills by being beauty vloggers. Moreover, if you also want to become a beauty vlogger and want to enhance your skills about makeup or any other skincare then you are at the right place as in this article, we have provided all the best tips for you from our end that will help you in achieving your goals.

Before you start your vlogging journey

Decide your vlogging niche

Although there is an ample number of channels available in the platform that covers almost every corner of beauty vlogging and other skincare vlogging. However, it is quite an important decision for you to decide what will be your vlogging needs and what will be your content about. You must focus upon the other things that people might have forgotten to add to their content. This will help you in staying focused and help people in engaging with your content. Also, this decision of deciding a different niche for your beauty vlogging will make you stand out from other beauty vlogging channels and will attract your targeted and loyal audience.

Before starting your beauty vlogging you must ask yourself what are your weaknesses and strengths regarding your beauty Vlogging. Ask yourself what are your strengths and where you are good at makeup, if you are good at eye makeup, cover all the best tutorial points and product reviews related to your eye makeup concerns. This will also cover your weak points regarding your beauty vlogging and people might ignore your losing points.

Ask yourself what type your eyes like to see the most and what you would prefer to watch as an audience. For example, if you are an audience of other vlogging channels and you enjoy their content related to hairdressing then you will go with all the vloggers who are concerned with hairdressing vlogging. Similarly, ask yourself what type of content you enjoy on being an audience, this will also help you in understanding audience needs and their interest.

Decide who will be your audience and what your audience wants from you. If you do prior research, it will be a great idea that will help you in your vlogging journey. This search about all those channels that are quite famous on YouTube and other social media platforms that have a good amount of engaging audience. This will help you in understanding your audience’s interest and what they want to see in your content. However, this point is not related to copying other content and delivering your content in the same way as others are doing this may lead to losing your audience.

Vlogging equipment.

This is an important point for you to find all the right equipment that is essential in your vlogging journey. Most of the vloggers are known for the setups and equipment they used to record their videos for vlogging, this factor plays a very creative role in setting up your setups and delivering a good picture quality. With this equipment, you can deliver a particular general that you may require to make more sit-down videos as other creators do. Moreover, we have concluded some of the essential filming equipment that will help you in your vlogging journey and also help you in delivering good picture quality of your videos and photographs.

  • Camera.
  • Mic.
  • Lightning.
  • Tripod


The camera is one of the topmost required vlogging equipment for you if you are going, to begin with, your vlogging career. The camera helps in delivering high-quality pictures and also helps in recording good quality videos. If you are looking for a good high-quality camera then you can opt for Canon PowerShot sX620. It is always not required to go for an expensive camera for having high-quality pictures and graphics, a low-cost camera with good graphics can also help in delivering the same. The Canon camera will cost you around $300 and it is worth buying as it delivers full HD quality and comes with a megapixel sensor of 20.2 with an LCD screen. This is a great option for you if you are a beginner in vlogging. This is a budget-friendly camera available in the market.

However, if you have a good budget and you can afford an expensive camera to start with your vlogging career then, you should go with Panasonic Lumix GH5 as this will cost you around $1300 but it is also worth the investment. This camera delivers the 4K Ultra HD quality that will pop out all the understanding makeup looks on the screen as it comes with 60 FPS.

The ultimate option for you is to use your smartphone only if you are going to start with your vlogging career. There is not a hard and fast rule that you need to invest in good equipment before you start with your journey. If your phone has a good camera quality then it will also work great in delivering better video quality and you can create a creative video even using your mobile phones only.


If you are opting for a camera then it is common that most of the camera comes with a mic. However, it also depends upon your budget if you allow your budget to go with an additional purchase for a mic to give up good sound quality in your videos then we would recommend you to go for a good purchase of Mic. As you already know why mics have been used and what their main purpose is behind using a good quality mic. Also, Mic helps in controlling voice audio and also removes background noise.

Moreover, if you are looking for a good quality Mic that we will recommend you to go with blue snowball mic as it is one of the most popular Mic among beauty vloggers. This mic delivers great audio quality with clear voice sound Quality, now you don’t have to worry about the background noise and poor audio quality in your videos. In addition, you don’t have to install additional software to install it; you can easily set it up and use it. This is highly recommended for you if you are a beginner.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a USB mic if you are not comfortable with the above-mentioned mic option. We will highly recommend you to go with blue Yeti as it uses the best USB mic and it comes with four modes and delivers high audio quality.


When it comes to lightning, it highly refers to the filming of your makeup videos or tutorials. Lightning is an essential key that you can use for capturing great graphics in your videos. However, you should shoot your videos in natural daylight as it is the best time to record your video to showcase the real picture and graphics in your videos. However, if you are not comfortable filming or shooting in daylight then you must go with a good lighting setup and place it in your filming rooms where you specifically shoot your videos.

Moreover, the market has been flooded with plenty of ring lights that work as a flash of artificial lightning. We would recommend you to go with a good ring light which is at least an 18-inch end white ring light and options you to choose three different lighting modes. Purchasing a professional ring light or a socket light is also an option for you and it is depending on you whichever fits in your budget you should go with that equipment. However, we would recommend you to go for a soft lightning ring kit as it does not require much space in your room and is very easy to adjust the lighting and the setup is also quite easy to install.


You need a tripod to support your camera, ring light while you are filming as it also allows you to adjust it according to your needs. You need to use a tripod as it offers you to easily angle it in your required direction for your good filming of videos. Using a tripod also allows you to film yourself why you are in motion. You may consider it as another important piece of equipment that helps you in making your filming a lot easier but if you are a big nut then you may skip it. You may find an ample number of tripods on other online shops, but we will recommend you to go with the alternative equipment of tripod or even go creative with your mind’s creativity by improvising your books and boxes while using them as a tripod to stabilize your mobile phone.

YouTube Channel With Good Reach.

If you are a fan of any beauty Vlogger on a platform like you took then you must create a YouTube channel for yourself before beginning or stepping into the vlogging world. YouTube gathers a great number of audiences from all over the world that will probably like your content and will become the most targeted audience for your channel. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms that helped many other beauty vloggers in their vlogging careers. However, creating a YouTube channel should be the most initial and simple step for you that helps you in-depth guidance for your vlogging journey.

Before going for creating a YouTube channel ensure that you are well versed and have a good knowledge of YouTube policies in depth.

Apps For Editing Your Vlog.

You should be well known to all the apps that are available in the market that deliver a great editing quality of your videos and pictures. These have also enhanced your video quality and also offer you to feature the graphics in your videos. You can adjust or increase any sort of graphics that you may require to edit in your video. Moreover, we have concluded the top three video editing apps for vlogging-

VSDC – it is a free video editor app for Windows users and it has steps that are very basic and can be used by any beginner. However, you may find it a little daunting in your initial days of editing but working on it regularly and editing your videos with the VSDC app will make it much easier for you to edit your videos in simple steps.

Adobe premiere pro- Adobe premiere pro is a monthly paid editing app. However, everyone who is a Vlogger cannot use this app as you need to pay a good amount to use this app. But it is one of the most popular apps among the vloggers who regularly edit their videos and it is a highly demandable app. It edits the video in professionally grade editing videos. It also does not affect the inbuilt graphics and pixels of the video.

Final Cut Pro- an amazing app with all advanced technology, if you are an iOS user then it is a great option for you. It comes in a free version and a paid version you can go with any of the versions whichever is suitable for you. As in the paid version, it offers you more features for editing your videos and adds good quality of graphics but the free version is not the less than the paid ones.

Platform To Promote Your Channel.

After recording and uploading your videos on YouTube or any other platform you need to promote your video or your channel on any social media platform. However, sometimes promoting your channel has become a crucial or agitating step for everyone as nowadays it is considered as a task to reach a bigger audience. But you need to have patience as people will start engaging in your content and they will probably start liking your content.

Moreover, we have concluded some of the tips that help you in promoting your channel on any social media platform.

the superiority of using social media and hashtags – whenever you upload a video you must share it on all the social media platforms that you are in touch with. And you must use the appropriate hashtag whatever the content you are delivering your hashtags should be relevant to your content. hashtags are SEO friendly and promote your channel in other Instagram ads or any social media ads.

Be consistent with your content – do not lose hope if you are not getting a good reason or a good engaging audience. Even though you should be consistent with your content and keep on uploading your content on your page as you never know when your fortune pages will turn up the book. Do not only consider the engagement or views as your motive, keep your content as your motive and try to be consistent video work.

Interact with your audience- to be a great beauty Vlogger you need to keep an interaction session with your audience. For keeping the interaction sessions, you must go live on YouTube or any other social media platform channels. Remember do not ignore your audience as they might feel bad and stop engaging in your content therefore, you need to keep an interaction connection with your audience.

Organize give-away on your channel and use trendy topics or captions – if you don’t know what giveaway means then it is a contest that is organized on a small scale so that you can engage with your audience and your audience will engage back. This is quite an important step that you must organize a giveaway for your audience. Being a beauty Vlogger you should conduct a giveaway on your channel which includes make-up and cosmetic products you can also include skincare and health care products in your giveaway. Also if a giveaway is quite out of your budget you can collab with a brand and organize a giveaway with the collaboration with the brand. This way you will get three benefits- an interaction with a brand, interaction with the audience, brand, and audience will engage back that will help in your channel growth and this way you can freely promote your channel or page. For the giveaway, you can use trendy topics or captions that easily attract the audience to view your videos and start liking your content. Keep yourself as real as you can.

Genuine products reviews.

Whenever you get a chance to collaborate with a brand one thing you should not forget is that you have to deliver a good and general product review. Why genuine review of a product is required as by looking at your content audience will get a positive approach to use that product. Therefore, you need to give your genuine reviews to whichever product you are collaborating with. If you did not deliver a genuine product review you may lose your audience and the audience will not engage with your content rather they will blame you for recommending a bad product that does not show any relevancy through your review.

However, if you want to collaborate with any of the brands then you must approach them, it happens sometimes that a brand approaches you for collaborating. But in most of the cases, vloggers are the one who offers collaboration to a brand and informs them about your name, your channel name, your niche, and your other contact information. Transfer your information through an email at least a week prior.

Beauty Vlogging Tips.

We have concluded some of the additional beauty vlogging tips for your convenience. Here are those additional beauty vlogging tips that will help you in becoming a more successful beauty vlogger-

Respect your audience feedback- the audience is all you need and with your audience feedback and acknowledge their feedback. Try to implement feedback that has criticism. This will help you in improving your vlogging skills and increase your channel and video quality. Carefully listen to your audience’s feedback and try to improve those lacking fields or suggestions which your audience is suggesting to you.

Keep yourself real- as stated above that do not copy others’ vlogger content, this will not give you any sort of reach rather than people will start criticizing You. Keep yourself real and be true to your personality, do not try to copy other vlogger’s personalities. If you keep yourself real in front of your audience then this will help you in making content unique and you will stand out of the crowd among other beauty vloggers.

Collaborate with other vloggers – you can collaborate with other beauty vloggers that are vlogging on YouTube. Since collaboration has an ample number of advantages especially when you are a beginner in the vlogging world. This will help you in promoting and fast growth of your channel and also it is considered as one of the easiest ways that help you and your fellow Vlogger for growth.

Enjoy creating your content- it is very important for you that you must be happy wherever you are creating your content for your audience. However sometimes the YouTube algorithm may suck but still you should have fun whenever you create your content and recording your videos. Also ensure that you should not make any mistakes while recording or creating content, try to implement or deliver a message through your content. This will help you in your smooth vlogging journey.

Beauty Vlogging Ideas.

Apart from creating content about makeup, hair dressings, and other product reviews you must be concerned about the other vlogging ideas that may help your audience to get a track towards your content. Moreover, we have completed some of the helpful beauty vlog ideas that may work in your growing Channel growth.

Face the challenges- do not get scared whenever you have to face the challenges in your vlogging career. However hard work always pays off, face the challenges with a winning spirit. Accept the challenges that are trends that are ongoing on social media Trend

Skill your makeup on other people- talk to your friend and convince them to be a model in your video and you will be transforming them by using some of these spices of makeup. This way you can interact with your viewers and they will learn the etiquette of how to do makeup on other people.

Skincare routine- share your morning, night skincare routine with your viewers. Suggest them the best product which is suitable for different-different skin types. Describe the whole procedure of your skincare routine and label all the products you are using in your video.

GRWM- get ready with me is one of the topmost trends which is still in ongoing print. Being a beautiful girl you should make videos for getting ready with me as this will help your viewers to get ready with their favorite beauty vloggers. You can either give them a transition video or post a small makeup tutorial for their convenience. Also, you can share a long video by keeping casual chats with your viewers throughout the video, upload that video without artificial edits or cut versions.

FAQS Related To Beauty Vlogging.

1. What is meant by a beauty vlog?

A beauty vlog is a content created by a beauty Vlogger in which the Vlogger discusses all the skincare, haircare, and beauty products that are essential for different skin types. These vlogs sometimes also include makeup tutorials and hairdo tutorials. To make it more creative vloggers also add product reviews, unboxing videos, tips, and tricks required for beauty vlogging and other important topics that cover beauty.

2. How much does a beauty Vlogger earn?

It’s quite impossible to give you an estimated figure about how much a beauty vlogger earns. As the income in vlogging is not fixed as it is fixed in jobs and other sectors. However, beauty vloggers earn a good amount every month if they have a large number of subscribers and they get a good amount of views on their videos.

3. Some of the most popular beauty Vlogger?

On our calculation, several Beauty vloggers are very popular. Here are some of the names that are very popular in the field of beauty vlogging.


Now with the above-mentioned information, you can decide how you will be walking up on your beauty vlogging journey. However, we understand that being a Vlogger is not an easy task for an individual life but vlogging is sometimes quite enjoyable but sometimes it’s quite frustrating. Although as mentioned above that you need to be real with your content, audience, and with your personality. Never copy other’s content however you can follow the trend but do not try to copy other Vlogger’s content as it may deliver a bad impact on your already engaging audience.

Moreover, we wish you all great luck with your beauty vlogging journey and hope the above-mentioned information is helpful for you.

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